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Field Modifications

Field Modifications

The Door Doctors started field modifying fire rated openings right from the companies inception in 1987.

Door Field Modification

Field modification of door height, door width and conversion of hardware preps.

Door Doctors is the only company that will field modify the width of a door out of square to exactly match the inner dimension and conditions of a frame.

Frame Field Modification

Door Doctors will field modify an installed or pre-installed frame to match rough opening and hardware requirements.

This operation includes making a frame wider or narrower as conditions dictate. This can occur at the header of the frame or at the jambs. This service can also include modification to out-of-level or out-of-plumb conditions.

Hardware Field Modification

Field Modification of Hardware includes moving the placement on the door and / or frame.

Door Doctors will move a hardware pre from one position to another, as conditions require. This service includes detailed layout, cutting and welding of SDI approved hardware reinforcements. In most situations field modified doors and frames will retain their existing fire rating.

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Five Star Rating

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I didn’t have the opportunity to meet up with the men that performed the work yesterday, but please pass along a great compliment from me. The work has exceeded my expectations and if we ever need door work perform in the future we will keep your company in mind.
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- John Maas, RPA,FMA, Chicago Symphony Orchestra