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General Contractor Door Solutions

Door Doctors perform several useful operations to keep job-schedules on track for contractors on active job sites.

Damage Repair

Damager repair has become an increasingly annoying problem on job-sites.

Door Doctors is able to keep job-schedules flowing by correcting minor or major damage to doors and frames that bring job flow to a halt. This service is done quickly and professionally and in most situations fire-rated openings will retain their labels.

Field Modification

This service addresses door, frame and hardware misalignment.

Door Doctors will move strike reinforcements or lock locations to allow positive latching. Door Doctors can field modify installed frames or new doors in width and/or height to match correct clearance tolerances. This condition can occur when doors and frames are installed in the wrong location,or when frames are installed out of plumb.

Architectural Changes

Door Doctors performs this service on installed door openings.

Architectural and/or owner changes usually occur after doors and frames are installed and completed. The wall and floor conditions prevent removal of the existing frame. Door Doctors will field modify either door or frame to comply with architectural changes.

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Five Star Rating

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I didn’t have the opportunity to meet up with the men that performed the work yesterday, but please pass along a great compliment from me. The work has exceeded my expectations and if we ever need door work perform in the future we will keep your company in mind.
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- John Maas, RPA,FMA, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

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