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Chicago Repair & Replacement

Door Doctors offers innovative methods to in Chicago repair or replace door, frame and hardware openings

Chicago Door repair & replacement

Door Doctors has extensive repair experience working on all the following types of doors.

Fire rated doors, fire egress doors, acoustical doors and detention doors. These services have been provided in the following Chicago industries: Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Museums and Public Buildings.

Chicago Frame repair & replacement

Supply and installation as well as repair to existing frames.

Door Doctors has pioneered many innovative methods to increase the longevity, security and function of the frames we install. Door Doctors certified welders are able to rework and repair existing frames and in most cases retain the existing fire rating.

Chicago Hardware repair & replacement

Investigate, document and supply hardware that will meet the specified requirements.

Electronically activated locking systems that tie into access control systems is a specialty of Door Doctors

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Five Star Rating

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I didn’t have the opportunity to meet up with the men that performed the work yesterday, but please pass along a great compliment from me. The work has exceeded my expectations and if we ever need door work perform in the future we will keep your company in mind.
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- John Maas, RPA,FMA, Chicago Symphony Orchestra