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Chicago Hollow Metal/The Door Doctors has been specializing in all facets of commercial door openings since 1987. We have been correcting installation issues, job-site owner/architectural changes, manufacturer errors, design errors, hardware installation mistakes and job-site damage to commercial grade, detention grade and acoustical grade openings.

The Door Doctors started working on life safety openings right from the companies inception in 1987. I was already working as a union carpenter and hardware installer upon finishing my military service in 1977. I saw the need for a small innovative company that could field modify fire rated and fire egress openings in a professional manner. The need for a company to correct manufacturer as well as installation errors, without disturbing the finished area, while retaining or achieving a new fire rating classification, was obvious.

I was able to talk my best friend, Bob Wappel  into coming to work at Door Doctors. Bob was a tool and die maker by trade and trained me in the correct cutting, welding and finishing techniques for all types of metal. Bob went on to train all of the Door Doctors in these methods and techniques. I know what separated Door Doctors from the average door shop welder was the quality of our work as well as our carpenter background. The carpenter installation background came with the guys, because we only chose the best carpenters, but the real reason we had such high quality was our trainer, Bob Wappel. I can honestly say we would not be the same high quality company without Bob’s commitment to the highest standards of quality.

My fellow Door Doctors and I attended DHI classes, welding and hardware classes. We prided ourselves on never turning away from a challenge. We took on what no other company could do or would even attempt and we left the finished product better than the original. The finished product has always been the most important guideline we follow.

The quality and professionalism of the Door Doctor Technicians has continued to evolve and improve. All Door Doctors are now certified welders and the scope of our work has widened into specialized areas such as hospitality RFID hardware, automatic operators, Special-Lite assemblies, detention package installation, target ranges and acoustical assembly installation and correcting acoustic rating inconsistancies. The welding now includes stainless steel and aluminum as well as exotic metals such as bronze. The need for a professional carpenter who understands how a door opening interacts with hardware and who understands the life safety codes required for compliance has only grown since 1987. The fact that we now perform this work for Underwriters Labs at their testing facility, on openings about to be fire tested, speaks volumes for the distance the carpenters have taken our company.

The dedication this company shows to our customers makes me very proud to be the owner. The fact that the technicians are determined to hold to these old world values of high quality and complete customer satisfaction is what keeps me coming into work every day.



Thomas J. Johnson
Chicago Hollow Metal, Inc.
(The Door Doctors)